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Go EXtreme for LIFE!  Corporate Wellness Program!

Do you truly think it benefits the company for their employees to be in much better health and wellness, to lose weight, quit smoking and gain more energy?

Are You Ready??

Get Ready!  Get Set!  Let's Go!


I have spoken to several corporations regarding corporate wellness.  Every corporation I have spoken to wants their employees to get in better health, to lose unneccesary weight, and quit smoking, but many are just sitting back "hoping" it will happen.  We have to TAKE ACTION if we want the best for our employees and to lower insurance premiums.  


Many don't realize this simple truth, most people are clearly not motivated and it is your job as an employer to help them to become motivated.  We can do this together!  Start today on my EXtreme Personal Fitness Corporate Wellness Program!  Let's build your company's future together!


Together Everyone Achieves More


Everyone is a Winner!



  • Yes everyone is a winner!  Exercise promotes better health. Better health promotes better physical condition and a more fit and healthy body.  Better health increases production and more revenue and more:

    • Employees use less sick days

    • Lowers stress so employees are happier and in better spirits

    • Creates a happier work environment

    • Increases Self Confidence and Self Esteem

    • Increases Mental Endurance and Mental Energy

    • Promotes a TEAM attitude, positivity, and optimism

    • Enjoy the experience and receive many other healthy rewarding benefits.

Just Start!  You will Finish Strong!
We are Guaranteed to Finish Strong!


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Services I offer are Personal Fitness Training, 

Weight Loss & Fat Loss Programs, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.


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I will give 2 wellness talks to your company employees per year absolutely FREE!



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It's Time for a Change Now!
What is Leadership in the Organizational Culture?


Your beliefs and values about health and fitness need to change and then you must begin to take the lead and set an example for your organizational culture before your employees will ever desire to change themselves.  Once you take the lead, and begin to show how serious and dedicated you are about this new health & wellness program, your employees will follow.  But it all starts with YOU!  It's time for a change now!  Do you think you feel ready?


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