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Weight Loss Coaching

My EXtreme Trainer on You Tube

Today is the day that you finally take the step to get in the BEST shape of your life!

You are finally going to achieve your goals!

You will lose weight and feel amazing! 

Plus have more energy and reduce stress!

You Tube @ MyEXtremeTrainer

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and get in shape and you thought you were doing everything right but you weren't seeing the results you wanted and

you were just tired of feeling frustrated?? 


Have you ever felt like you needed more energy and 

you are sick and tired of feeling exhausted, not sleeping well at night, being sick and unhealthy, and feeling stressed just from life and that you have been eating too much junk food??

If the answer is yes then you are most definitely in the right place.

The time is now for you to change your life! 


There are only 7 spots remaining! 

Personal Fitness Trainer ●  Weight Loss Coach ● Nutrition Specialist ●  Fat Loss Specialist ● Future Naturopathic Physician

Yes many years ago before computer programs like Photoshop were ever even thought of or created there were real people who honestly achieved REAL RESULTS  who did it the right way "like me".

So who in the heck am I??  I'm so glad you asked :)

My name is LeMoyne Kelvin Silas.  Please call me Kel.  @ EXtreme Personal Fitness

I spent 10 enjoyable years serving and teaching our United States Military, Armed Forces, and Government Personnel, the principals of burning fat, weight loss, eating healthy, good diet, vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition, herbal remedies, and overall wellness.  I am a Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss Coach, Fitness Coach, Nutrition and Fat Loss Specialist, Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, and soon to become a Naturopathic Physician.

My Bachelor's Degree is in Leadership and Psychology.

In the pictures above I worked hard to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle and lose 8 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks.  When you gain muscle and lose body fat simultaneously, the results are


I even wrote a book about my fat burning secrets

        Personal Fitness Training

        Weight Loss Coaching

        Successful Meal Plan Ideas

        Customized Programs

        One on One Training

        Couples and Small Groups

Look now and see what other clients are saying 

Have you tried every fad diet?  Maybe it worked at first, but after the first week or two you stopped, got too busy, and couldn’t eat real food and gave up.  I did!  I realized I need to take care of me in order to take care of my family.  No more fad diets, I needed a real change.  That’s when I signed up with EXtreme Personal Fitness.  I eat normal food; have learned how to make better, wiser choices, and to increase fiber and protein. 


I feel amazing, have more focused energy to workout and study, and I’m wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear in over 2 years!  I have lost 15 pounds in two and half months and a total combined 5.75 inches off my body.  Plus I have reduced my body fat percentage 6%.  If you are tired of being tired…you really need to get connected with Kelvin.  He will motivate you, teach you, encourage you, and change you and your life for the better!

U.S. Army Veteran SPC. Deb H.,  Atlanta, Georgia

Dayton, Ohio Mom Loses 35 Pounds in 12 Weeks!!!


Kelvin (KEL) and EXtreme Personal Fitness changed my life FOREVER!  I am a former health-nut, so I had all the knowledge of eating right and exercising, but I was in such a rut that I could not get myself to do it. I had 2 babies right in a row, a new-found low thyroid condition, and added stress and time-restraints of working full time and taking care of a family of five.  Yes she actually has a low thyroid!  And she still lost weight!  She lost 35 lbs in 12 weeks!  Her husband as a result lost 17 lbs without even trying.


I stopped cooking. We ate out every night, mostly fast-food because it was more economical, eventually becoming addicted to it so much that my kids would not eat anything else but fast food. I was miserable with how my body was handling all of this. Because of my weight gain, I started having added back pain, knee pain, foot pain, and general body fatigue which prevented me from enjoying my kids and my life to the fullest. I felt so far gone away from the road of healthy living, I saw no hope, and had no motivation.

I turned to Kelvin and EXtreme Personal Fitness desperate for help to lose weight and change my lifestyle. He was just the support and motivation I needed to not just get back on track but to make a good healthy switch. He encouraged and instilled in me the determination to make losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle important again. In the past 3 weeks I have lost more weight than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time (11 lbs in 4 weeks), I have saved money by planning my meals and cooking again, and my whole family has benefited from the results. I have motivation again and that is a mandatory part of losing weight. Thank you for helping me turn my life around and get on the path to losing weight!


Lose weight FAST!  Burn fat EASY!  Get started today! 

Kim D.,   Vandalia, Ohio  (Proud Wife and Mommy of 5)

Kel stays on me constantly to workout.  His accountability is relentless especially when I need it most.  He knows how strong my Christian faith is and knowing that the Bible says to take care of the temple.  I honesty haven't always done that and he constantly reminds me of this.  With my busy work schedule and lifestyle, his upbeat and funny comments have been perfect for keeping my eating habits in the right direction to achieve my goals. They seem to catch me right when I get weak.  I look forward to a stronger focus on my goals for 2018! 

Shenevelyn R.,  Indianapolis, Indiana

Cool Single Dad loses 100 lbs in 1 year!


I met Kelvin in 2001 and after much discussion of health and weight loss I finally understood I had been doing it all wrong.  When I started following his patient guide and instructions I finally began losing weight.  His knowledge and understanding of how the body works produces results on the spot.  When I finally began doing everything he had told me and stuck to his plan I lost 100 lbs in 1 year!  Kelvin cares about the success of everyone and goes above and beyond to produces results to help people have better lives.  He is kind, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable plus he will help you make gradual changes that will last for a lifetime.


Man on a Mission


Robert C.,  Huber Heights, Ohio

The time is now for you to change your life! 


There are only 7 spots remaining! 

Why EXtreme Personal Fitness?


Incredible Motivation and Outstanding Leadership

Affordable and Flexible Plans

Fun, Intense, and Challenging Workouts

Group Training Available

In Home Personal Training Available

World Wide Weight Loss or Fitness Coaching Available

Customized Weight Loss and Fitness Programs

Superior Knowledge of Diet and Nutrition

Lots of Motivation, Encouragement, and Accountability

One of Ohio's TOP and BEST Personal Fitness Trainers

FREE EXtreme Fat Loss Book

The BEST Value with a Friendly Smile!  :)

To  learn more now, please click on Get Started Now!

I believe that this is very possible for you!

Omgosh Kel has helped me so much.  I had used Atkins before and wanted to go a different route but wasn’t sure how really or what exactly to do.  So I went to ask Kel for help.  He helps me develop meal plans every day.  He tells me when to exercise and workout.  He is there whenever I have a question or need advice. Sometimes I think I get on his nerves because I message him so much asking him all kinds of questions but he doesn’t mind.  I appreciate having him in my life and that he has helped encourage me and motivate me and hold me accountable leading me on a path to losing weight and achieving my goals.

Angel H.  Dayton, Ohio

Being a very busy working mom with three boys, who are all in travel sports and school activities, caused me to neglect myself.  All the running meant lots of fast food stops, not to mention the lack of exercise, which began to take its toll on my body.  The best thing I did was start training with Kelvin.  The sessions were fun and engaging so it never felt like a chore and he gave me the encouragement and support I needed to keep going.  I did exercises and moved muscles I didn’t even know existed!  I lost 17 lbs of unwanted fat.



Missy P.,   Huber Heights, Ohio

I gotta get in there and do something. I gotta get my heart rate up. I'm feeling my body changing. I'm becoming more interested in fitness and weight loss. It's not coming as fast as I want it. I don't think I even understood what it will take to change my mind and my body. But this is what it takes. Kel is a fantastic trainer!


Exhausted and Happy


Angela C.,  Columbus, Ohio

People tell me all the time that I look about 28 to 35 years old.  They usually never even come close to guessing my real age.  My dad used to say "Age is all in the mind!"  I do cardio every day.  I weight train 3 or 4 days a week.  I follow a balanced healthy diet and drink usually 12 to 17 glasses of water a day.  I average nearly 7 hours a sleep a night plus 40 minutes of meditation daily.  I also stretch and do yoga regularly. I practice stress reduction.  Doing all of this helps me to really look and feel younger than ever!  Plus I have amazing energy!  My doctor loves how I'm so healthy and in great shape!  #29ForeverClub

I really look forward to helping you achieve your goals!  I have helped all these other people feel good and achieve their goals.  Is it Your turn now??


God bless you my friend!  Sincerely yours,

Kel Silas


Kel Silas CPT MHT NS,  Huber Heights, Ohio  I  29

The time is now for you to change your life! 

PLEASE NOTICE:  I honestly only have room to work with a limited number of clients.  So only as  you are really truly feeling serious about finally achieving your goals then you can become one of the first ones to  get signed up today and start now!

You Tube @ MyEXtremeTrainer

You Tube @ MyEXtremeTrainer


Now I hope and pray that you haven't been carrying something like this around on the inside of you but    MANY  of you unfortunately have!!!  Now just imagine 

how unattractive that is.  And this is another reason why    I am asking you to please start my program now!

Overweight Statistics

● Over 65% of Americans are overweight and out of shape.

● In the United States, obesity has doubled since 1985.

● 26% of Americans are obese. (Obese is considered having a BMI of 30 or more)

● More than 15 million Americans have Type 2 diabetes.                                                                                                                          ·     

● Only 26 percent of U.S. adults engage in vigorous leisure-time physical activity three or more times per week. (Vigorous physical activity defined as activity lasting 10 minutes or more). About 59 percent of adults do absolutely no vigorous physical activity at all in their leisure time. 


●  Being overweight increases the likeliness of many life threatening diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, high blood cancer, certain types of cancer, and many other diseases and conditions such as joint problems, back problems, stress indigestion, anxiety,  

Let me get you in the BEST shape of your life!

EXtreme Personal Fitness founder & CEO LeMoyne Kelvin Silas (Kel Silas) and author of the book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss" in just 12 short weeks gained approximately 10 lbs. of muscle while losing approximately 8 lbs. of unwanted body fat. June 1995- August 1995.  Results are not typical but achievable when you follow a GREAT eating plan (AKA diet) + weight training + exercise (cardio) = INCREDIBLE TRANSFORMATION!

Yes this is honestly me.  You see me before wearing glasses and me after with contact lenses.  This was before there was ever Photoshop!!!  In 12 short weeks, from lots of hard work (but it was relatively very easy).  I actually gained muscle and at the same time I lost pounds of  body fat and got myself lean, fit, trim, ripped and looking awesome!  

This is a golden opportunity for you to

get in the BEST shape of your life!

Start by July 28'th and save up to

$75 off your first month!

My name is Wendy Beal.  I have been a client of Kel’s for 3 months.  My total weight loss has been 13 pounds and I’ve lost 5.5 inches off my waistline.  The accountability from Kel has been my biggest asset to sticking with a healthy routine of diet and exercise.  I’ve basically just cut out fried food and sodas and eating lots of veges and lean meat.  Another important aspect of having him as a coach is his encouragement.  I’ve stayed on course because of that!


Wendy B.,   Washington D.C.

I’m eating better, working hard, and I am now feeling enthusiastic, motivated and more determined about working out and achieving my goals.  Kelvin’s workouts are intense and impactful but not too difficult.  And I find with my schedule that my workout time is very convenient.   I am very thankful for his help and guidance.


I’m on my way!!  


Matthew H.,  Dayton, Ohio

His mother Donayale, also in the picture, she has lost 7 pounds in her first month on my weight loss coaching program!  She's going to be on my new reality show that I will be broadcasting on Facebook live!  It's called "My EXtreme Fat Loss Life".

Kelvin is an excellent Personal Trainer.  He was attentive, energetic and held me accountable.  He was helpful with nutrition tips and exercise and to give me tips on what to do with things I have at home.  


I lost 7 lbs of fat and gained 9 lbs of lean muscle.



Lynne G.,   Huber Heights, Ohio

Kelvin has helped me with my diet and exercise. He gives solid advice, not a "fly by night" fad diet!  He wants you to be fit for life. His book is very helpful. You can use it as a guide for having a good diet plan.  He gives great encouragement and will challenge you, but at the same time will not push you beyond you limits.  


I lost 13 lbs of unwanted weight and body fat.


Wonderfully Happy


Katherine B.,   New Carlisle, Ohio

The time is now for you to change your life! 

Today is the day that you finally take the step to get in the BEST shape of your life!

TAKE ACTION to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals!

You will become healthier and stronger!


Stop wasting time trying to figure out what works and let the Fat Loss Specialist get you in the BEST shape of your life!

This awesome opportunity to change your life may never come your way again!

Now just imagine yourself finally achieving your goals and feel how awesome and wonderful you

are going to feel!  #YouDeserveHappiness

The time is now for you to change your life! 

CONTACT ME TODAY!  Almost every person in today's world has a real busy schedule. Please make time in your schedule to achieve your goals! This may be your last chance ever to get started.  Your health, your life, your goals, and your happiness are important.  

This is a golden opportunity for you to

get in the BEST shape of your life!

Start by July 28'th and save up to

$75 off your first month!


There are only 7 spots remaining! 

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