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Motivating, Encouraging, and Inspiring


     all people to achieve better state of health, fitness, and wellness.


                                 Go EXtreme for LIFE



I personal train clients according to their fitness levels and help them to sculpt their bodies, develop muscle tone, increase their metabolisms, banish their bellies, fit back into their clothes, lose weight, burn fat, look amazing and feel incredible.   I motivate and encourage them during every training session to give me their all... 110% to succeed.  Contact me today!


To inspire all corporations to begin health and wellness programs and to motivate all of their employees to begin to take action and start on an exercise, fitness, or weight loss program to improve their health.  God only blesses us with one life.  Let's appreciate the one we have. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Begin to live your BEST life possible today!



I would love for all children to become more active by playing outside, sports, and exercise. Let's begin to encourage our children to get in at least 60 minutes a day of exercise and play. Doing this can definitely put an end to childhood obesity and mold our chidren for a much better and brighter future.  Let's also begin to give our kids much more healthy food daily!   And give children much less and minimal junk food, candy, and sweets.



Once a week my mother and I go out to eat for "Mommy Date Night" and every week I sadly see several people at these restaurants who are unfortunately very overweight with their plates overloaded with extra food.  I always make sure that I eat small proportions even at resaurants and usually take food home.  In 16 weeks back in 1995 I transformed my body.  You can too if you put your mind to it.  Believe that you can achieve and the world cannot stop you!



Your core is the foundation of YOU!  Your core is the foundation of your body, soul and also perhaps your mind.  Developing better core strength, having good flexibility and balance are all keys to becoming stronger, healthier, and living a happier life.  During your program with me, we can take the necessary steps together to develop and build you a stronger core.



Eveyone needs motivation, encouragement, praise, inspiration and support.  We all do including me.  It is important for all people to receive these things to realize their sense of value and to have hope and belief in their own abilities to achieve their desired goals.  If you don't have a lot of support or praise at home from your family and friends, you will be receiving LOTS of it from me!



If you are going to start personal fitness training with me and my Fat Loss Program then you are going to have to realize that the time is now to start eating a balanced healthy diet and to make completely certain that you consume enough calories daily.  Your body needs nutritious food (fuel) from calories to burn for energy to develop a healthy body and mind.  We will work together to make sure that you begin cooking, planning, and preparing your meals daily.



My personal training sessions to many might seem like military bootcamp or PT drills (military power training drills)   It may seem like sports conditioning and your heart will be pounding and feeling good from intensity.  Just relax for now, I train all my clients at their appropriate fitness levels.  While cardiovascular fitness is important to develop a healthy heart, some of my favorite words to clients are " hydrate ".  Let's get you in shape today!

             GO EXTREME FOR LIFE


No matter what your age is, it is never too late to begin an exercise, fitness, or weight loss program.  Whether you are a mom in her 30's who has a 2 or 3 children, or a man in your 40's who has never worked out in your life, or a senior in your 50's or 60's that is now retired but just needs to get back in shape and feel more " youthful ".  Now is the time!  I am in the life changing business.  Let's start with yours!  Let's start now!  Contact me today! 

                YOU SEE RESULTS


I've done what it takes and seen what it takes for people to lose weight, burn fat, look amazing and feel incredible.  If, you start personal training with me and also my Fat Loss Program, and as long as you follow my leadership and do all of the things that I suggest for you to do, then you  can guarantee yourself that you will see results.  You must begin a fitness and resistance training program, do cardiovascular exercise, eat 5 to 6 good balanced meals a day, and drink plenty of water to increase your metabolism and begin to lose pounds of fat and inches EASY & QUICKLY.



My intentions are to provide my clients with the BEST information to help them achieve their goals. All of my clients receive a FREE copy of my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss" either by hard copy or pdf.  I also guide clients in the direction of all the free helpful tips on my blog at LinkedIn.com/in/EXtremePersonalFitness  and Facebook.com/EXtremePersonalFitness where I post links to helpful information, recipes, and motivation.