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My name is Kelvin Love and I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Fat Loss Specialist, Weight Loss Consultant, Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist , and Nutrition Specialist, plus lots of MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT just for you! 

Ahh... and to think I said all of that in one breath!


I spent 10 years teaching the United States Military, Armed Forces, and Government Personnel the principals of burning fat, weight loss, vitamins, nutrition, eating healthy, good diet, sports nutrition, herbal remedies, and overall wellness.


And I want to help YOU lose weight, burn fat, finally achieve the body you truly desire and help get in the very best shape of your life!  Now imagine that!


Start my EXtreme Fat Loss Program Today!

All clients will receive a FREE copy of my hot book 

"28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss"



  Do You Want to…??


 Lose Weight!  Burn Lots of Fat!


  Feel Better About Yourself!


   Flatten Your Tummy!


 Improve Your Health and Live Longer!


     Fit Back Into Your Old Clothes!


    Increase Self Confidence and Self Esteem!


      Reduce Unwanted Body Fat!


   Reduce Back Problems and Back Pain!


      Increase Desire for Intimacy!


 Reduce Your Stress!


Become Self Empowered!


   Enhance Your Body’s Immune System!


 Finally Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals!




 Feel Happier About Your Life!


     Flatten Your Tummy!


  Improve Your Health and Live Longer!


  Fit Back Into Your Old Clothes!


 Increase Self Confidence and Self Esteem!


    Reduce Unwanted Body Fat!


   Reduce Back Problems and Back Pain!


   Increase Desire for Intimacy!


 Reduce Your Stress!


Become Self Empowered!


Enhance Your Body’s Immune System!


Live Your BEST Life!





   Would You Like to have…??


        More Physical and Mental Energy!


    Faith and Strength to Move Mountains!


         A More Physically Attractive Body!


 People Noticing How You Have Lost Weight!


               Beautiful Radiant Skin!


                A Higher Metabolism!


 The Wonderful Feeling of Being Young Again!


               The Power to Change!


               Better Quality of Sleep!


More Discipline, Dedication and Determination!


                 A Much Better You!


  Let’s Accomplish Your Goals Together!


          You Truly Deserve Happiness!


Dayton, Ohio Mom Loses 35 lbs in 12 Weeks!



To: EXtreme Personal Fitness 



July 21, 2009 Personal Testimony




Kelvin (KEL) and EXtreme Personal Fitness 

EXtremeforLIFE.com changed my life FOREVER!  I am a former health-nut, so I had all the knowledge of eating right and exercising, but I was in such a rut that I could not get myself to do it. I had 2 babies right in a row, a new-found low thyroid condition, and added stress and time-restraints of working full time and taking care of a family of five.  Yes she actually has a low thyroid!  And she still lost weight!  Yes really!  She lost 35 lbs in 12 weeks!



Contact for FREE consultation (937) 219-4588




I stopped cooking. We ate out every night, mostly fast-food because it was more economical, eventually becoming addicted to it so much that my kids would not eat anything else but fast food. I was miserable with how my body was handling all of this. Because of my weight gain, I started having added back pain, knee pain, foot pain, and general body fatigue which prevented me from enjoying my kids and my life to the fullest. I felt so far gone away from the road of healthy living, I saw no hope, and had no motivation.

Contact for FREE consultation (937) 219-4588




I turned to Kelvin and EXtreme Personal Fitness desperate for help to lose weight and change my lifestyle. He was just the support and motivation I needed to not just get back on track but to make a good healthy switch. He encouraged and instilled in me the determination to make losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle important again. In the past 3 weeks I have lost more weight than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time (11 lbs in 4 weeks), I have saved money by planning my meals and cooking again, and my whole family has benefited from the results. I have motivation again and that is a mandatory part of losing weight. Thank you for helping me turn my life around and get on the path to losing weight!  

Lose weight fast!  Get started today!  

Contact for FREE consultation (937) 219-4588 





Sincerely Yours With Appreciation! , Kimberly D. Dayton, Ohio 





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EXtreme Fat Loss Program

The EXtreme Fat Loss Program and Weight Loss Program


Have you ever found yourself wishing that,

you could just suddenly lose weight, burn fat, and achieve your ideal body very quickly??


Wouldn't that just  FEEL GREAT now!? Yes it would.

Of course it would.  Now wouldn't it!?

Just imagine how great you will feel.



Now before  you start your program today and 

get your FREE book,

now, let me first let you in on a little secret.  

If you are wanting to lose weight and burn fat and achieve your BEST body possible, yes that used to be me too.  See now, I used to be just like you!  And yes

I have been where you have been before.


I was upset, unhappy, depressed, and wondering

"What do I do to finally have the body I truly desire??"  Thank God that, even though I was all of those things,  I was also very EXtremely Determined!



Everyone needs a little help sometimes!


You do just feel like you think you need a little bit of help?




HELP is finally here now!


EXtreme Personal Fitness is here to help YOU!


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of feeling frustrated,depressed and embarrassed?


You can get help now!


Now, let me help YOU achieve your weight loss and fat loss goals, get more energy, improve your health, plus finally obtain the body you truly desire!



Contact me today for your completely FREE

Fitness and Fat Loss Consultation!


Let's get YOU on the right track to finally achieving your weight loss, fat loss, and fitness goals!



No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a computer and/or a phone, and you feel ready to achieve your goals, you can start my program. 


It doesn't matter if you live here in the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Sweden, Brazil, Africa, Japan, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Greece, Israel, Cuba, Puerto Rico or Spain.  

I gladly serve clients world wide!



LeMoyne Kelvin Love Silas




This is me in these before after pics (directly above)



Yes it is really me you see!  These pictures were taken in 1995 for the EAS Body For Life Contest.  I wore my nerdy glasses in the before picture LOL and my contacts in the after pictures. I have since had corrective laser eye surgery.  In 12 short weeks I gained 10 lbs. of lean muscle while losing 8 lbs. of body fat.  The photos were taken by my friend Malcolm Farrant.  





I felt that I needed to address this now due to many before and after photos posted on the internet these days.  At the time of the photos, I had never considered ever using them for anything else let alone writing a book.  The photos are real, truthful, untouched and BOTH pictures are really truthfully ME.  They are taken 12 weeks apart.  If you have any further questions regarding this or anything else,

please feel completely free to contact me at

MyEXtremeTrainer@gmail.com or (937) 219-4588




"No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change." Bill Phillips




Thanks you much for the quote Bill and God bless you!  

I needed to hear it back then and many need to hear it.  

Now before you start your program today and get your FREE book, let me first fill you in on a little secret.  If you are wanting to lose weight, burn fat, and achieve your BEST body possible, yes that used to be me too.  See now, I used to be just like you.  I was hopeless.  I grew up in a wonderful U.S. military (Air Force) family and my parents cooked very healthy.  We only ate out at a restaurant usually once or twice a week but

I ate LOTS of junk food as a teenage kid!  LOL


I usually did cardio 3 or 4 times a week plus weight training 3 times a week, plus walking my dog too! So how did someone like me end up so over weight with all of that body fat???  I will tell you how it happened; it was because I ATE JUNK!  I really did.  I ate too much junk food. You name the junk food and I ate it! People can't even believe it now when I tell them.  I honestly can't even believe it myself.




In high school all of my friends used to come over to my house every morning before school to raid the infamous kitchen cabinet.  I had it all in this cabinet, Reese's Cups, Twizzlers, Twinkies, Hostess Ho Hos and Cup Cakes, Pop Tarts, and whatever else I had in there!  I was literally like the candy crack dealer of the neighborhood and all my friends came to my house for their candy fix.  I actually began hiding some candy in my room just so I would have some to myself!  LOL!  Yes Really!  It's so funny for me to look back on that now.





My parents cooked good healthy meals and we usually only ate fast food or at restaurants once a week maybe twice but as I grew older and wasn't home as often so I ate out more. A LOT MORE!  I think Burger King was my favorite place.  Boy did I love a Double Whopper! Then of course there was Mc Donald's, Rally’s and Pizza Hut!  

I could easily eat 5 or 6 slices of pizza at once! 

I always had a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, LARGE Fries, Chicken Mc Nuggets and

a Chocolate Frosty Shake plus an apple pie for dessert! 




I was a HUGE soda pop drinker back then too. I can't even tell you the last time I had one now. And oh yea, my favorite cereals even in my early twenties were Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Super Sugar Crisps, Cheerios, Alpha Bits, and I could name more. 

Kimberly D.  Dayton, Ohio 



Kim's husband as a result from her changes also lost 17 pounds himself without really even trying to lose any weight!



Compare the Program

Click the above link to compare the program.

Keeping this program separate from personal training allows us to really focus on other important things in the client's program such as:



 Your diet and eating plan

     Cooking, planning and preparing your meals

 Tracking your calorie intake daily

 Making sure that you consume enough calories daily to


keep your metabolism running efficiently

 Making sure you are eating the right foods for you 


Your specific goals and eating foods in the right balance

 Your exercise program and weight lifting program

 How much cardiovascular exercise you should do

 Changing, tweeking, and adjusting/modifying


 your program when necessary to help you achieve even better results!

Researching information for your specific needs and


Your Personal Goals

 Adjusting to your daily challenges of life 


And so much more!!! 


While all along I keep you feeling


 pumped up, excited, enthusiastic, motivated and


 encouraged and help to guide you forward towards 


achieving your goals. Just like a Movie Star! 

We will work together and meet for a consultation 2 or 3 times a week depending on which works best for you.  We check and keep track of your weight,

body fat percentage, and we also keep track of your body measurements. 




So what is this EXtreme Fat Loss Program?


The EXtreme Fat Loss Program (Weight Loss Program or Fitness Program) is a professional and doctor approved fat loss program that is designed and customized to fit the precise needs of that person trying to lose weight, burn fat, feel good, look amazing, even build lean attractive muscle, and achieve certain specific weight loss or fitness goals.  I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and I will be monitoring your entire

Fat Loss Program. (Weight Loss Program or Fitness Program)  

This program does also work for building lean muscle, increasing lots of muscle mass, or bodybuilding too!)  Read more!





The EXtreme Fat Loss Program


(Weight Loss or Fitness Program) is separate from 

my personal fitness training services.  When you Start on BOTH 

programs  you will receive a 25% DISCOUNT off!!!  


25% discount is off the cheaper program!!!




Our first meeting/consultation is in person for your fitness evaluation.


If you do not live in the Dayton, Ohio area, then your first and all consultations will be... (please keep reading)



All remaining consultations can and are usually done by phone,


 Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, or Skype (yes we can use webcams) 

I do gladly serve clients World Wide!

Yes I serve clients anywhere in the United States or anywhere in the world!

So as you begin to feel comfortable realizing that, we can work together to help you achieve your goals no matter where you are and no matter where you live, do begin to strongly consider getting started today!

You will get treated like

You are a Movie Star on the EXtreme Fat Loss Program! (I can also customize a program specifically for building muscle, for athletes, or for other competitions such as marathons or bodybuilding!) 


Sign up today! Get started now!



Receive a FREE copy of my book "28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss"


Recive a FREE copy of the "EXtreme Fat Loss Daily Planner"   (Release date not yet available but sometime in 2015  :)      




As a PROGRAM BONUS you will receive FREE access and guidance on my new fitness and weight loss website MyEXtremeTrainer.com





You receive MOTIVATION and Encouragement!



Accountability!  (You will be held accountable!)



Weekly consultations to discuss your challenges and to keep you focused on Your Goals!



FREE Grocery Shopping Session!  (Can be done by phone or by online chat)



Fitness Tips and Helpful Information!



Achieving Your Goals is FUN!



We will track your fitness goals TOGETHER!



Receive Customized Eating Plan!



I monitor your daily eating!  Yes you will keep a food journal!



HUGE Nutritional Database!



Receive Customized Workouts and Exercise Programs!



Sign up for my fitness newsletter!



Imagine finally achieving your goals!


Contact me today!  Get started now!



Sign up today! Get started now!

(937) 219-4588

 Contact me today for your completely FREE fitness and fat loss consultation by phone!


Lets get YOU on the right track to finally achieving your weight loss, fat loss, and fitness goals!


 Start now for as little or as low and less than just dollars a day!


          4 month, 6 month, and 12 month programs available!

Do you feel ready??

All clients will receive a FREE copy of my hot book 

"28 Days to EXtreme Fat Loss"

(937) 219-4588

Contact me today! Get started now!




May God Bless You!



Sincerely yours in good health,



Kelvin Love




LeMoyne Kelvin Silas, PFT, MHP, NS


(937) 219-4588